1. Life is a series of missed opportunities

  2. My phone is the most powerful computer I have ever used.

  3. Success is relative. It depends on whose relative you are.

  4. A great camera doesn't take great photos, it is the person using it who does.

  5. If you can't do what you like in life, you have to learn to like what you do.

  6. How you see matters more than how you look.

  7. The journey of life is probably the only journey where almost no one is in a hurry to reach the destination.

  8. I need a vacation to get away from myself.

  9. You need to be happy at work, since you spend half of your adult waking life there.

  10. Dream, but with your eyes wide open to reality.

  11. Your head may be in the clouds, but your feet should stay on the ground.

  12. If novels are like test cricket, then short stories are one-days and quotes are 20-20s.

  13. I hate how they keep interrupting the ads on radio to play songs.

  14. Reading is a most dangerous addiction, for there is no escape once it hooks you.

  15. You don't realise that your parents were right, till you have children of your own.

  16. If TV content had kept pace with technology, we would have been in cultural paradise.

  17. If a quote is interpreted with more meaning by the reader, than what the writer had in mind, it has done it's work.

  18. Doing something yourself is easier than getting it done by others. Maybe that is why managers are paid more than workers.

  19. The tweet is mightier than the gun.

  20. Teenage is the period between beginning to think that your parents know nothing, and realising that it is true.

  21. Overuse of social media is making us unsocial.

  22. What we take for granted as adults, can be a source of endless fascination to a four month old; like the fact that you can wiggle your own toes.

  23. Be careful how you use your luck; it is not in unlimited supply.

  24. How usage of verbs changes over time: dial had made way for push, which has now been replaced by tap.

  25. Every day that you live, you are closer to death. So use your time wisely.

  26. Love comforts, anger consumes.

  27. If you cannot go with the flow and are unable to go against it, then you should stay out of the stream.

  28. Knowing that you do not know is better than not knowing that you do.

  29. Do affairs of state affect the state of affairs, or is it the other way round?

  30. It takes ears of patience to make marriage work.

  31. The cost of living is very high these days. So is the cost of dying.

  32. Sometimes the obvious remains unnoticed.

  33. Equality and justice for all animals, including humans.

  34. Intelligence, education, work and salary are seldom related to each other.

  35. When you are young, you have time, but not money. When you earn, you don't have time to spend it. When you have both, you are too old to do what you wanted to.

  36. I sometimes use my mobile phone to make calls too.

  37. Language is a means of communication, not subjugation.

  38. Decide whether you want to work well or be paid well. You may not get both.

  39. Ah, those long, languid summer Sundays of childhood!

  40. Marriage is like any other project. Teething troubles, smooth running for a year, increasing maintenance costs thereafter.

  41. Even though life be bleak and grey, you can always dream in colour.

  42. A child's luggage is inversely proportional to its age.

  43. Stuck in traffic in a sea of auto(im)mobiles.

  44. It can take a lifetime to find one's purpose.

  45. Any more phones with bigger screens, and we don't need TVs.

  46. I read the newspaper, but had to look very hard to find the news.

  47. A quote a day keeps boredom at bay.

  48. There are several things in life that excite me. Work is not one of them.

  49. Ah! The sweet, intoxicating, heady scent of warm, golden, ripe hapoos mangoes.

  50. Self belief is more important than ability.

  51. The crumpled feeling of getting off a crowded fast local.

  52. Teach a child to read, and you have a budding author on your hands.

  53. Family comes first. But when you have loads of money, everybody else comes too.

  54. No photo can capture what the eye can see.

  55. A flyover is the fastest way of getting from one traffic jam to another.

  56. It's that time of year when one longs for dark clouds, rain and a cool breeze. Well, the clouds are here, but not the breeze.

  57. When you travel, try to enjoy the things you can't take back with you.

  58. I would gladly give my left hand to be able to play the guitar like that.

  59. Don't be bored if you are alone. Spending time with oneself is a luxury that few people have.

  60. I heard a great song yesterday. If only I could recall the tune and lyrics like the great songs of yesteryear.

  61. Walk fast in the sun and slowly in the shade.

  62. Taking the lift to go up to the gym is like using your car to get to the joggers park.

  63. There was a time when one had to learn to earn, but with the spiraling cost of education nowadays, one has to earn to learn.

  64. In Mumbai, any sort of food sells. One has to be incredibly stupid or hopelessly unlucky to be unable to make a profit.

  65. Why do children realize the importance of sleep only when exams are near?

  66. Corporate washrooms have 'No paper’ days. There may be ‘No water’ days in the future too. I hope they don't schedule both for the same day.

  67. As a senior (Venkat) once said, optimise the rest of your life.

  68. It's no use working hard for money if you don't get time to spend it.

  69. People who are equally rude to everyone are acceptable. The ones who behave differently depending on a person's stature are the ones that are dangerous.

  70. You will never go wrong if you never try anything new. But then you will never learn.

  71. Always make your own decisions. Then you know whom to blame when things go wrong.

  72. Style your hair while you still have it.

  73. An ocean of red tail lights blinking like fireflies in the muggy evening.

  74. The first showers of monsoon, bringing forth the fresh fragrance of moist earth.

  75. Clutter expands to fill space.

  76. Are we the only species arrogant enough to think, that the earth and everything on and in it, was created solely for our use?

  77. Life itself is intoxicating enough to obviate the need for any additional stimulants.

  78. Often, the anticipation is more fun than the outcome.

  79. We have science and technology coming out of our ears, but still have no clue about the reason for our existence.

  80. As my grandfather used to say, do common things in an uncommon manner.

  81. It is good to look up at the stars sometimes, to realise how insignificant we are.

  82. The lower the expectation, the greater the satisfaction.

  83. Nature won't wait for us to destroy her. The Earth will retaliate.

  84. Laziness is not an affliction. It is a sign of frenzied mental activity.

  85. There are few sights more beautiful, than the Sahyadri range lush green with rain, shrouded in the morning mist.

  86. Don't be upset if you wake up with a splitting headache. Be thankful that you can still wake up, still feel, and still have a head!

  87. Shackled to chairs in cubicles, slogging through lost youth.

  88. Death is a certainty, it's life that is uncertain. Live it to the fullest.

  89. Children can be at their most obstinate, when you have the least time to convince them.

  90. Life Insurance is like nuclear deterrence. Best when it doesn't need to be used.

  91. Sing, if it lightens your heart.

  92. Your daily deeds and dealings decide your fate.

  93. As my 6 year old nephew says “I am a poet, and I didn't even know it”! Thanks Vaidehi and Mahindra.

  94. Wet weather and piping hot masala chai. Would heaven be any different?

  95. Nowadays, the only difference between tabloids and broadsheet newspapers is the size.

  96. A great sense of humour is an underrated gift.

  97. Necessities like fresh air have become luxuries now.

  98. If culture and architecture are reflections of society, then society is in bad shape too.

  99. Reading is a lost art. So is listening.

  100. A century of quotes. How about a quote for centuries?

  101. Life is a pain, but it's the only one we have.

  102. There certainly must be intelligent life in the universe. They are intelligent enough to have avoided us.

  103. As you grow older, you realise that dental peace is almost as important as mental peace.

  104. High intelligence is it's own enemy.

  105. Petrol in the tank, air in the tyres and traffic on the road.

  106. Think well of yourself first, for others to think well of you.

  107. Bliss is a bike on wavy roads.

  108. Old age is a curse if you outlive your peers and juniors.

  109. If you know what you are, it doesn't matter what the world says.

  110. Wind speed is directly proportional to the number of broken ribs that your umbrella has.

  111. Boredom and mediocrity are old friends.

  112. Getting wet is not a problem. Staying wet is.

  113. Books, safety, books, food, books, shelter, books, clothing and books!

  114. Learning is a lifelong occupation.

  115. You don't control your mobile phone, it's the other way round.

  116. For good health, listen to your stomach, not your tongue.

  117. Past follies can come back to haunt you at the most inopportune moments.

  118. The packaging has become more important than the content.

  119. However tall the tree, it has to stay rooted to survive.

  120. Kill worry before it kills you. Bust stress before it busts you.

  121. Sometimes, love and persuasion can get things done, which orders and discipline cannot.

  122. What you want, is seldom what you need, and almost never what you get.

  123. I don't care how I look. Those who know me don't mind, and I don't mind those who don't know me.

  124. Retirement would be fun if we didn't have to work towards it.

  125. Anyone from the moon would be at home on our roads.

  126. To some, happiness matters more than success.

  127. Most of the Earth's problems are due to just one species.

  128. The costlier the home, the likelier you are out, making money to pay for it.

  129. Explore a city on foot to understand it's character.

  130. Soon, natural beauty will only be seen on mobile and computer wallpapers, unless humanity mends it's ways.

  131. The battle between love for food and trying to maintain your weight, is lost before it is begun.

  132. The juvenile carvings on monuments today, ironically, may turn out to be archaeological breakthroughs a few centuries from now.

  133. A fleeting thought of yesterday, may be the invention of today, and could be taken for granted by tomorrow.

  134. Deep thought on an empty stomach is as impossible as snow in summer.

  135. In Mumbai, distance is measured not in kilometres, but the amount of time taken to reach your destination.

  136. Sometimes, coffee smells better than it tastes.

  137. The suburban railway network, etched for eternity on a Mumbaikar's palm.

  138. I begin to doubt the laws of science, when a few grams of anything sweet or buttery, adds kilos to your weight and inches to your waist.

  139. A life driven by child like curiosity, and a sense of discovery with every passing moment, must indeed be fulfilling.

  140. Even small achievements can give great satisfaction.

  141. Gurus advise us to take the road less travelled. Probably because it is less likely to have potholes.

  142. Everyone wants a life of luxury, but few are willing to work for it.

  143. The smell of old books triggers fond memories of childhood vacations.

  144. The best of people can have off days too.

  145. The desire to be ordinary is not a sin.

  146. Making loads of money is of no use if you end up spending it on illnesses caused by the very process that made the money.

  147. Mankind is just a very insignificant blip on the Earth’s timeline.

  148. Remember, your convenience could be the result of someone else's pain.

  149. Wish it would stop raining. Have had more than enough masala chai and kanda bhaji this season.

  150. In life, win-win situations are the exception, not the norm.

  151. Go fly, the stars beckon.

  152. School reopening days and heavy showers go hand in hand. Apparently, so does Ganeshotsav and heavy rain.

  153. Pain breeds creativity. On the other hand, watching and listening to un-creative material breeds pain.

  154. Don't lose your temper, you could lose everything.

  155. The choices we make in life; is it free will or destiny?

  156. Use your possessions as carefully as if they are not your own.

  157. I had never thought that I would be so glad to see sunshine.

  158. You shouldn't, just because you can.

  159. Sometimes, life seems to be a collage of random events, without cause and effect.

  160. You may need a job for a living, but you shouldn't live for the job.

  161. You realise you have grown old, when even bad songs from your teens, sound good on retro radio stations.

  162. Don't bother about artificial intelligence taking over the world. It's the natural morons that are cause for worry.

  163. Open skepticism and blind faith are bitter enemies.

  164. Sarcasm as a weapon, is grossly underrated. When used by adepts, it can be put to devastating effect.

  165. Travellers notice what residents take for granted.

  166. Some people learn the hard way. Some never learn at all.

  167. Don't be a slave to society's notions of what constitutes success.

  168. Why is everyone so violently pro- or anti- something nowadays? There seems to be no middle ground left anymore.

  169. Happiness is a cool breeze on a hot October evening.

  170. Stay calm, stay focussed, stay happy.

  171. Someone who is alone, may not be lonely. There are others, who are lonely even in a crowd.

  172. One man's myth may be another man's history.

  173. A life full of mistakes is better than one without any, because if you made no mistake, you never attempted anything worthwhile at all.

  174. Time is a matter of perception. Fridays move faster than Mondays.

  175. Walk. It gives you a chance to take better photos.

  176. A light light-lighter, taking it lightly, used a lighter, to light handedly light a light light, making the room lighter.

  177. Your true worth depends not only on your past achievements, but also on what you do each day of your life.

  178. Festival fun finished. Boredom begins.

  179. Was 1984 a really great year for pop music, or is it just me?

  180. Lost credibility is incredibly hard to regain.

  181. Being perfect doesn't really help, if you are a perfect idiot.

  182. Be what you are. You can't be someone else anyway.

  183. Sadly, who you know matters more than what you know.

  184. The world would be a better place only if people would use their brains half as much as they use their mobile phones.

  185. Children have a great knack of remembering all the casual statements that you make, and using them against you at the right time.

  186. Ah, the so-satisfying roar of a revving two-stroke twin!

  187. Most people have neither the intellect nor the capability to match their ego.

  188. In the game of life, time is the only winner.

  189. Work hard if you want to, play hard it you can, but if you hardly rest, you are in trouble.

  190. You are less likely to meet a wise person than a fool, because there are so many of them.

  191. Sound sleep is a boon that has to be earned the hard way.

  192. Children seldom go out and play nowadays. Mobile phones have immobilized a whole generation.

  193. Live your life, don't leave it.

  194. If health is wealth and time is money, most of us are dirt poor.

  195. Work is not a hobby. Get a real one.

  196. You may loosen your morals, but don't lose them altogether.

  197. Help those in need. Then help yourself. If not in life, then at least at the buffet.

  198. Small bouts of madness are necessary to prevent the big ones.

  199. Don't remain a consumer, become a creator.

  200. Success at the workplace is like winning a video game. Essentially, both do not matter.

  201. I firmly confirm that I do not conform.

  202. If your hobby begins to feel like work, it's time to get a new one.

  203. Sit. Contemplate. Write.

  204. The fact that you don't understand how something works, doesn't mean that it doesn't work.

  205. The simple answer is sometimes the correct one.

  206. Fair behaviour is important. Not fair skin.

  207. I'm perfect, like everybody else.

  208. The sweet scent of mango blossom permeates the air, with the promise of the fruit to follow.

  209. Self doubt is sometimes good, self pity - never.

  210. Teenage begins with a whimper and ends with a bang.

  211. Reality rarely matches memories.

  212. Traffic jam on the way to work. Glad to see that the situation is back to normal.

  213. The truth is bitter. Usually only for the listener.

  214. Follow the rules even when nobody is watching.

  215. One may escape the law of the land, but none can escape the laws of physics.

  216. Life is meant to be lived, not just endured.

  217. Question everything.

  218. The brain is meant to be used. If you don't use it, you lose it.

  219. An overpriced, underpowered, unreliable piece of noisy nostalgia.

  220. Woolly white puffs, drifting lazily across the hot, humid sky.

  221. That awkward pause, when you hope the person next to you doesn't start speaking afresh, so that you can put your headphones on again.

  222. One of the problems with the human race, is that those who should be having children aren't, whereas those who shouldn't, are.

  223. The quality of a doctor's diagnosis is usually directly proportional to the waiting period in his/her OPD.

  224. Improve the world, not just your bank balance.

  225. Even if you shortlist forty great songs out of a thousand, you will end up listening to just ten out of those.

  226. Managers should never forget that they were once trainees, and seniors that they were juniors.

  227. I hope that the Agile workspace concept in the corporate world doesn't spread to the design of washrooms.

  228. The best poetry usually has the simplest language.

  229. A dog has to wag it's tail to get food. Management works the same way.

  230. If you cannot satisfy your internal customers, they will not satisfy your external customers.

  231. Success depends more on will than skill.

  232. Stubbornness is an illness that has no cure.

  233. Once the What and Why is out of the way, it's only the How that remains.